60 Being Single And Funny Single Quotes And Sayings

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Being single is not just a status to update in social media, but it is a way of living by your terms there are no restrictions every second full of freedom in your precious life.Single for life means it is something where you can get lots of perspectives on life which leads to a larger-than-life … Read more

67 Never Settle Quotes

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Never Settle Quotes Never Settle Quotes 01 “Never settle for anything less than your best.” 02 “Never settle for less than you desire or deserve because when you except crumbs people will assume that you will be happy with scraps.” – Stacye Branche 03 “Rule number 1; never be someone’s number 2.” 04 “Never settle … Read more

47 Better Days Will Come Quotes

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Here is the list of better days will come quotes Better Days Will Come Quotes 01 “Better days will come.” 02 “Bad days build better days.” 03 “Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.” – Kevin Henkes 04 “Pause and remember nothing lasts forever. Better days are coming but they will come faster … Read more

63 One Day Everything Will Be Ok Quotes

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Here is the list of one day everything will be ok quotes. Everything Will Be Okay Quotes 01 “Come on beautiful, pick yourself up, dry your eyes, everything will be okay. I promise.” 02 “Hey, don’t feel anxious just try to understand that you are still young, and the universe is endless, and somehow, one … Read more

99+ God Quotes and Sayings To Revive Your Divine

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Trust, prayer and have faith in god. Everything is going to be a possibility for you. So, to make you more prayerful and faithful. Here we have collected god quotes and sayings which will make divine. God Quotes and Sayings 01 “God only gives three answers to prayer:1) ‘Yes!’2) ‘Not yet.’3) ‘I have something better … Read more

60 Meaningful Fate Quotes And Sayings

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Fate is something that is beyond our control unlike destiny in destiny we can make our destiny by our choices which are purely dependent upon us. But when it comes to fate it is something designed by the universe. Most people have a strong belief that our fate is predetermined. And few people say there … Read more

68 Have Compassion Quotes And Sayings

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People need to more compassionate towards this world to make it peaceful and generous. To know more about compassion, we listed compassion quotes and sayings. Compassion Quotes And Sayings 01 “Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.” – Prince 02 “We can’t heal the world today, but we can begin with a voice of … Read more

80 Famous Baseball Quotes

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Here is the collection of famous baseball quotes to make you think, exercise, inspire, and obtain the famous baseball player’s attitude towards the game. Famous Baseball Quotes 1) “When you are not practicing, someone else is getting better.” – Allen Iverson 2) “When your legs gets tired, run with your heart.” 3) “If you don’t … Read more