52 Things Don’t Always Go As Planned Quotes

things don't always go as planned quotes

Are you feeling frustrated because your planning not going in your way? If yes, take a chill pill and read these Things Don’t Always Go As Planned Quotes. Things Don’t Always Go As Planned Quotes 01 “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” 02 “A secret to happiness is letting every … Read more

55 Soul Searching Quotes

soul searching quotes

Are you looking to find your soul? If yes, here we listed soul-searching quotes and sayings to help how to find your soul with these meaningful quotes. Soul Searching Quotes 01 “and all along my heart was searching for what my soul already knew….” – Alexa 02 “The World is changed by your example, not … Read more

51 Remember Who You Are Quotes

remember who you are quotes

Before doubting yourself remember who you are. If your self-esteem doesn’t allow you to doubt, you are strong. To inspire you to remember yourself, here I collected remember who you are quotes. Remember Who You Are Quotes 01 “Always remember who you are, even if someone tells you otherwise.” 02 “Remember who you are and … Read more

76 Open Door Quotes To Kiss The New Chances

Every day is a new beginning. With each sunrise, new opportunities arise as well. The world has a mysterious way of working. Every day, the universe will give you some opportunities in one way or the other. With each passing day, a new door opens that will either take you on a completely different journey … Read more

60 Write Your Own Story Quotes

write your own story quotes

When you were born, the book of your life started that day. With each passing day, it started filling with memories and whatever you wanted to add to it. Your book of life is yours to write and edit; no one else can do it for you. Every person is different, and the way they … Read more

74 Prove Them Wrong Quotes And Sayings

prove them wrong quotes and sayings

Is it time to prove them wrong? If you are saying, Yes! Then you came to the right space. Here, we listed prove them wrong quotes that will shut their mouths. Prove Them Wrong Quotes 01 “Forget proving them wrong. Do it for you.” 02 “I’ve always been a fighter. If you tell me I … Read more