55 Mind Games Quotes And Sayings

mind games quotes

Do you want to slap the people who play a mind game with you? If yes, here we listed mind games quotes which will be useful to slap. Mind Games Quotes 01 “Let’s play kind games instead of mind games.” 02 “Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side because it’s fake.” 03 “Mind … Read more

41 Sit Back And Watch Quotes

sit back and watch quotes

Here is the list sit back and watch quotes. Sit Back And Watch Quotes 01 “Sometimes it’s better to just sit back and watch.” 02 “Cutting people out of my life, does not mean I hate them, it simply means I respect me.” 03 “Karma has surprising way of taking care of these situations. All … Read more

55 Move In Silence Quotes

move in silence quotes and sayings

Here is the list of move in silence quotes and sayings. Move In Silence Quotes 01 “Do it like professionals move in silence.” 02 “Move in silence. Never let them know your next move.” 03 “3 Things to keep quiet. 1) Your love life. 2) Your Income. 3) Your next move.” 04 “Don’t mistake silence … Read more

45 Good Things Take Time Quotes

good things take time quotes

Are you looking for good things take time quotes? If yes, we collected quotes that make you patient, persistent and build faith. Good Things Take Time Quotes 01 “I think God gives you all good things at the same time.” – Ram Charan 02 “I have no plan. I will leave it to the good … Read more

51 Do Not Disturb Quotes That Will Slap Them

do not disturb quotes and sayings

Do you want to say Don’t Disturb Me to someone? If yes, we collected Don’t Disturb Me Quotes full of witty and meaningful and will also slap on them. Do Not Disturb Quotes 01 “Please, do not disturb. I’m sleeping… and even if I’m awake I probably don’t want to see you.” 02 “Do not … Read more

50 Turn The Page Quotes To Let Go The Past

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“The best part about your story, is that the next page is blank and you get to write it.” – Turn The Page Quotes One day I am reading a novel of emotional drama. It went on a good phase even while introducing the story’s characters. I deeply connected to the story while reading every … Read more

62 Timing Is Everything Quotes

timing is everything quotes

Here is the list of Timing is everything quotes and sayings. Timing Is Everything Quotes 01 “You can call it fate or destiny sometimes it really seems like it’s a mystery because you can be hurt by love and healed by the same. Timing is everything.” 02 “Life is all about timing… the unreachable becomes … Read more