About Us

In front, A quote is a sequence of words, but behind that, It is a sequence of thoughts that reshuffles 100’s of times in a creator’s mind to put in front of you to think, love, and inspire.

Srikanth Mahankali

During college, I discovered a unique hobby that quickly became my passion, which is curating quotes. I spent hours browsing social networking sites daily, saving countless quotes in my mobile gallery. It was my way of collecting snippets of wisdom and inspiration from various sources.

In 2017, I decided to showcase my extensive collection to the world by creating an Instagram page called Dark Page. Little did I know that it would have such a profound impact on people in a positive manner. The quotes I shared resonated with others, sparking a wave of inspiration and motivation in their lives.

The overwhelming response and the genuine connections I formed with my followers inspired me to take my venture further. That’s when DP Sayings was born – a website that provides the best compilation of quotes and sayings on life, love, and inspiration.

My aim with DP Sayings is to curate a diverse and exceptional collection that genuinely speaks to people’s hearts. I carefully select quotes that capture the essence of life’s experiences, the power of love, and the indomitable spirit of human potential. It brings me immense joy to share these words with others in the hopes of positively impacting their lives.

With DP Sayings, I aspire to create a platform where individuals can find solace, motivation, and guidance. Whether someone is seeking a fresh perspective, a source of encouragement, or a moment of reflection, I want them to find it within the pages of DP Sayings.

Curating these quotes has become more than just a hobby for me – it has become a fulfilling journey of sharing wisdom and uplifting others. I am grateful for the opportunity to touch lives through the power of words, and I am dedicated to continuing this endeavour for as long as I can.

Thank you for participating in this incredible journey and supporting DP Sayings. Together, let’s explore the beauty of words and unlock their limitless potential to inspire, encourage, and transform our lives.