54 Cute and Sweet Baby Quotes And Sayings

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From the day those tiny toes start hitting in the womb. Our love towards the baby remains unconditional. When we pick up them into our hands, those tiny fingers start catching us with a smile. It’s a great living to have time with the child. To share your love with this world. We have collected … Read more

41 Most Loving Sibling Quotes and Sayings

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Do you want to express your love towards your siblings? If yes, these are the most loving sibling quotes and sayings which makes your bonding stronger. Sibling Quotes and Sayings 01 “Sister and brother friendship is the rainbow between two hearts sharing seven colors: feelings, love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secrets and respect.” 02 “Siblings … Read more

50 I Love My Brother Quotes and Sayings

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Brother is the one who grows along with us to make our life more joyful. Although there may be many WWE fights which happens but all they are a form of love to express each other. From playing in the home to travelling to distant places. The journey with the brother is a roller coaster … Read more

101 Precious Time Quotes and Sayings To Inspire

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Time is the most valuable and precious thing in life. I think you have heard this many times but it’s worth recollecting no matter how many times. Think about it except the time you can recover any things either it is money or fame. But Once you lost the time it will never ever come … Read more