Today Is the Day App Review 2023 

The Today Is The Day app provides users with the knowledge, tools, and support for overcoming procrastination. The tendency to put off required tasks despite the expectation of things worsening can lead to increased stress, poor physical and mental health, poor academic performance, getting fired, and relationship problems.

The app equips users with the skills needed to cope with procrastination, resulting in more organized, less distracted, more motivated, and more focused individuals. Continue reading to learn how to access the anti-procrastination program on the Today Is The Day app.

What is the Today Is The Day App

The Today Is The Day App is a mobile and web application designed to help people struggling with procrastination. It offers subscription services such as 5-minute lessons, habit formation worksheets, and emotional wellness activities to help combat the problem for good.

Those interested in overcoming depression and procrastination can access the app through their preferred web browser. They can also download and install it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS, respectively.

Pros & Cons of the Today Is The Day App

👍  Personalized learning plans developed by experts
👍  Two subscription plans to choose from
👍  Daily lessons that utilize CBT techniques
👍  Access lessons whenever it’s convenient
👍  Brain exercises to keep your mind sharp
👍  Daily to-do lists
👍  On-going support
👍  Customers can cancel their subscription at any time
👍 Money-back guarantee if not satisfied after following your plan’s instructions for at least seven consecutive days
👎  Video or audio lessons are not available
👎  Limited activities
👎  Online tools are not always reliable
How to Sign Up for the Today Is The Day App?
How to stop procrastination with an app starts by completing a survey. The survey consists of:
●     Demographic questions
●     Single choice questions
●     Multiple choice questions
●     Likert scale questions
How you answer these questions helps determine your procrastination level, assess the behavioral patterns, identify areas of improvement, and generate potential solutions. A personalized anti-procrastination plan is then developed based on the gathered information.
From there, the individual chooses a subscription plan that best suits them. There are two options offered based on duration—monthly or quarterly. Once they complete the purchase, an email containing a download link and the plan’s instructions is sent.
Who Can Use the App?
The Today is The Day web application is a good starting point for anyone looking at how to overcome laziness and procrastination. Among those who would find the app helpful include:
Most people, if not all, procrastinate occasionally. But some are chronic procrastinators to the point of impacting their quality of life. There are various drivers for procrastination, including fear and anxiety, unrealistic expectations, distractions, negative beliefs, and boredom.
People with ADHD
People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may experience difficulty concentrating on tasks, forgetfulness, disorganization, and distrustfulness. In turn, these symptoms can lead to chronic procrastination.
Academic procrastination is common among students, with prevalence estimated to be double or triple that of the working population. Habitually delaying academic tasks has negative consequences for students with regard to their academic performance, health, and well-being. These include late delivery of assignments, exam anxiety, increased likelihood of dropping out, stress, fatigue, sleep problems, guilt, and shame.
People Struggling with Time Management
While poor emotional regulation is at the core of procrastination, poor time management skills make the problem worse. For instance, not prioritizing tasks may cause a person to feel overwhelmed by competing demands, resulting in them procrastinating to help regulate the negative feelings.
People with Anxiety
Feeling anxious about a task may cause a person to unnecessarily put off doing it despite knowing the negative impact it will have on oneself and others. Anxiety-induced procrastination manifests in different ways, such as failing to complete a project because of fear of not doing it perfectly, blaming someone else for failing to act, and feeling resentment about aspects of a job.
What Exactly Will I Get?
Whether your interest lies in how to overcome procrastination as a student, how to overcome ADHD procrastination, how to overcome anxiety procrastination, or how to overcome procrastination in general, the Today Is The Day app gives you tools and support to help overcome the problem.
Here are some of the features you can expect:
●     Daily to-do lists to help users get organized.
●     Daily lessons based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) techniques.
●     Handpicked content to address the cause of procrastination.
●     Expert tips for improving mental well-being.
●     CBT exercises to learn healthy ways to cope with stress and manage negative emotions.
●     Habit tracker to learn positive new habits while unlearning the bad ones.
●     Weekly check-ups to evaluate user progress.

How Much Does the Today Is The Day App Cost?

The anti-procrastination program costs US $90.99 for a one-month plan or US $186 for a three-month plan.

It’s recommended for beginners to choose the former, as it provides ample time to determine if the program delivers the expected results before making an official commitment.

New users of the Today Is The Day app may qualify for a discount, where they can pay as low as US $0.69 a day to access the program.

How Do I Cancel My Today Is The Day App Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, to ensure the next scheduled payment does not go through, cancel your subscription at least 48 hours before the payment is due.

You will continue to have access to subscription services until the end of the current billing period, following which services will be unavailable. You can manually resume your subscription anytime.

If unsatisfied with the program after following your plan’s instructions for seven consecutive days, you may qualify for a refund. Just ensure to send your request within 11 days of the initial purchase.

What Users Have to Say About The Today Is the Day App

“I’ve been using the Today Is The Day App for three weeks now, and I can already see an improvement in my productivity. It’s easy to use and has a lot of great features that are helping me slowly but surely conquer my procrastination habits. I especially love the mini-lessons and being able to track my new good routines. The app is a definite ten out of ten.”

Sofia, New York

“Last semester, I was seriously falling behind in my classes due to poor study routines, missing classes, and work commitments. A friend suggested I try productivity apps. The Today Is The Day app is the second app I tried, and so far, so good. Thanks to features like custom task lists and CBT-based lessons and exercises, I get to prioritize my tasks effectively and receive reminders for upcoming deadlines and tasks. I recommend the app to other students trying to improve their time management skills while juggling school and work.”

Michael, University of Delaware

“As someone who has struggled with procrastination since I can remember, Today Is The Day app has been a lifesaver. Its in-app tools have allowed me to stay on top of things, so I rarely feel overwhelmed nowadays. The app is user-friendly, which you’ll appreciate if you’re not tech-savvy like me. If you want to stop habitually putting things off, I encourage you to give the app a go.”

Hanna, 36, Tampa