60 Write Your Own Story Quotes

write your own story quotes

When you were born, the book of your life started that day. With each passing day, it started filling with memories and whatever you wanted to add to it. Your book of life is yours to write and edit; no one else can do it for you. Every person is different, and the way they … Read more

45 You Can’t Break Me Quotes

you can't break me quotes

Adversity makes you strong and resilient. After going through the darkest phase of life, you are no more fragile and less competent. There is nothing significant you can achieve by being in your comfort zone. You will get trapped by the same limiting belief and self-doubts. When you cross your limits, you will be surprised … Read more

108 Fly High Quotes To Reach The Stars

fly high quotes

Have you seen an eagle? It flies at a high altitude. Most birds do not fly at such high altitudes. A newborn eagle might take time to learn to fly, but when it does, it starts increasing its height. The same thing is applied to humans also. You might take time to learn how to … Read more

60 Light At The End Of The Tunnel Quotes

light at the end of the tunnel quotes and sayings

In this social media era, we often see successful people and compare our lives with them. People rarely talk about the dark phases of life on their social media. Influencers and celebrities you follow on social media are normal people like you.  The behind-the-scenes of their life will not look as fancy as they portray … Read more