Easy And Simple Ways To Avoid Negative Thinking

A thought is something that makes you think about a particular thing. Just like now you searched for how to avoid negative thoughts? It is a thought everything you think is a thought.

There is nothing problem with the thoughts, but when it goes against you then it will be a problem. The thoughts should be in control of you. If it loses control, then all kinds of negativity will impose in your mind just like now happening.

It is a very important thing to get over these negative thinking. If it continues you will lose your self-esteem, hardly you will smile and your living becomes more and more difficult. Just think once, is it really important in your life to think always in a negative manner.

And I know your answer is no. So, get out of this it is as simple as this. But, your mind will never make this easy because your mind is filled with lots of false beliefs like I can’t, it’s impossible for me.

So, to remove these false beliefs you need to give some exercise to your mind. Just like if you become fat, then you need to do some exercise to become fit.

So, let me give some work to your mind, I will put it briefly with a few examples that will make you understand in clear and also inspires you to become positive.

Take a book and write down the negative thoughts which are killing you now.

For example, I am taking here.

Thought: I want to become a singer.

Positive Thought: I can become a singer.

Negative Thought: I can’t become a singer.

You write down your thought by following positive and negative aspects of that thought. Now, follow these steps.

1) Understand the negative thoughts.

Any problem you can solve only with a proper understanding of the cause of your problems. Without understanding, you can’t solve it.

For example

I can’t become a singer. It is a negative thought. Question yourself why I can’t become a singer? Now note down your reasons.

1) I am not that confident.

2) My voice is not that good as the popular singers.

3) It is too difficult to learn singing.

Now I will rewrite those sentences into.

1) I am confident because I don’t have the fear of losing.

2) I will make my voice more pleasant and I know every voice has a uniqueness.

3) Everything seems difficult until you start. If I start I will enjoy that ride and I will make singing as easy.

Now, observe those which is so good and which makes you stop negative thinking? I am sure the second one which I rewrote by placing a positive thought.

In this manner replace every negative thought. But, still, your mind is not that confident to reach that utter positiveness. So, let me give some more exercise.

2) How negativity will hurt you.

You need to know how it is going to hurt. Because when you know the value of the hurting in you just because of the negativity it is easy to stop negative thoughts. If you touch a hot vessel, it is going to hurt you. But after knowing you don’t touch it right. Come on, speak out yes I don’t touch it.

But here you have a doubt “I know negativity is hurting me like anything but why I am still in negative.”

Because you don’t know the exact ways to handle those negative thoughts and to influence your mind towards positivity.

From onwards start doing this write down how it is hurting you.

For example:

I want to be a singer, but I am not able to do just because of the negative thoughts wandering in my mind. With this, I do not even start learning.

By identifying how it hurts it makes you sad. A kind of disturbance will happen to you. But don’t worry. You identified those things.

3) Reasons behind negative thoughts.

There may be many reasons for the negative thinking that may be due to the depression of yesterday, the stress of today and anxiety about tomorrow.

For example:


I can’t become a singer because I don’t have experience of singing.

All these previous thoughts gathered in your mind, and they are playing with you. And that play is deeply disturbing you.

But don’t worry, let me say how to change this negative thinking.

Listen, there is nothing is mentioned that if you failed in the past it is not the full stop. You will be capable to do in the future. If you accept that you are not, then it’s just a disgrace to you. Don’t ever lose self-esteem.

If you have that self-esteem. You can kick out the depression. Repeat I can become a singer ten times or twenty or thirty times in your mind.


Stress is another cause of negative thinking. How it is? Let me tell you. Now you want to be something, but there is a lot of stress when you start doing this, but it’s quite natural for every work you do.

When there is a lot of pressure in your mind it says you can’t do it so leave it. But you need to replace those negative patterns with the positive with your will power. When you control those patterns you feel lite and you enjoy whatever you are doing.


Your Negative thinking will increase the fear in you and it makes worrying about the future and this leads to severe anxiety and when you entered into these it’s difficult to get out of this. Because of anxiety, it never makes you think positively.

For example:

By fighting with depression and stress finally, you came here to say that “I will become a singer.” But just because of the anxiety it makes you feel worried and that worry leads to fear and when the fear enters you will lose the self-esteem and leads to a negative mindset.

The major thing happens in you with these negative thoughts is you start emotional reacting to the things but not responding to the things. And that emotional reacting makes you think negatively.

4) Can we control negativity?

Of course, you can, and you should as well. This negativity will create a stronger impression in your mind than positivity. Your subconscious mind will receive both negative and positive thoughts and the problem with you is here that negativity is having the high authority.

But, you can control not only control you can kill the negativity. By understanding these simple things.

The mind is divided into the Conscious and Subconscious.

The conscious mind takes all the things with the help of the five sense organs.

Let me take the same example:

With all your experience you have received a thought that to become a singer.

The subconscious will start reasoning.

It remembers all the circumstances of all your input. And it sends the output to the conscious mind that is I can or I can’t.

The conscious mind will take the output of the subconscious mind.

So, you need to master this subconscious mind by a simple thing is if you believe you can. Just believe in the utter positiveness so that you can remove negativity.

Final Thoughts

A negative way of thinking will never turn your life into a happy and successful life. How you influence your mind is the key thing to avoid these negative thoughts. Just believe in the positivity and your mind will kick out of these negative thoughts. Workout in your journal according to these article within in a no time you become positive.