7 Steps That Actually Works To Overcome Depression

Depression is a mental illness which you put whole energy on the negative side. You know it is hurting, but still, you are not able to overcome from that because the mind is completely attached to the cause of depression. I know it is the most painful thing to carry that heavyweight in your heart. But one good news for you is you are going to drop that weight by detaching causes. Yes, what you read is true, and I will prove. The first thing is you are ready to overcome the depression, and you are searching for the possibilities in the google right. So, halfway you succeed, and let me handle the other half. Trust me your happy days are going to start.

Understand the Causes

The biggest mistake you are making is not understanding the causes of depression in a rational manner. But actually, your mind will never listen to the logic because emotions are controlling you. But, you came here with a problem that made you depressive right. So, now start questioning yourself why these problem has raised, and which situations made this to happen. Now reasons are getting in your mind, and I guess you become emotional. It’s okay don’t worry your first step completed.

Cry Louder

Yes, what I said is true. Cry and cry until you become tired you need to bow down to depression nothing is going to be with you forever, It will come into you, and at a time it will leave you. But when it enters, make sure to satisfy it. If you start an emotional fight with it. It will collapse you completely. The best thing in crying is when your energy is gone you become calm, and you will find some relaxation. So, after remembering the causes cry until your pain becomes satisfied.

Observe the Mind

After screaming you become somewhat settled right, but still, the mind wanders like a monkey by connecting one thought to another thought as a never-ending process. This mess in your mind will distract not just the emotional well-being but also physical well-being. According to a study, the mind has more than 60,000 thoughts in a day, and for you, all those thoughts are running against you right. So, to stop this observe the thoughts in your mind but don’t get involved.

Be Silent

I know to observe the thoughts without getting involved is very difficult but I will make it easy. The first thing you need to have is patience because you will not be silent in an hour or a day. Maintain somewhat patience and trust me if you master in these you will be free from depression.
After remembering the causes, crying and observing the mind. Do these for every 30 minutes a day sit in a comfortable place and take down a book with a pen. Now, whenever you get involved in the thoughts write down a number 1 like these continue the process. If you involved write down. In the first day, you will see a lot of numbers but don’t get depressed, continue these process until the page is blank.

Listen to affirmations

Affirmations will program your subconscious mind towards positive, and it will remove the feeling of lonely. A soft voice following with a piece of good music will make you pleasant. But, these are not going to happen for you because mind gets distracts in the initial days but don’t lose the hope try to listen with full of concentration. Here, I gave an affirmation link to overcome depression. Higher Self Healing for Depression. Check it out.

Eat Well

In the days of depression, you are not interested in eating, and you don’t even feel hungry because depression makes some of the biological changes in your body. Even when you are eating you don’t eat , and you will keep aside the food. So, to stop this try to maintain a healthy diet. Here I give a link about which kind of food is better for you. Foods to Help Fight Depression. Remember the most famous saying that is ‘Health is the wealth’ so what you eat is the wealth and be a wealthy and healthy person.

Stop Being Lazy

Laziness is the biggest enemy in the period of depression. It will not make you do anything just simply sitting in a place feeling sad, will make you more depressive. Even if you do work mind get distracts and you will lose concentration. So, to overcome this try to do exercise even it is stretching exercise do it and sweat out, take a shower now you will be active, and it feels somewhat pleasant too. But, don’t sit idle and don’t become lazy keep yourself busy.

Gain from the Pain

You have the reasons for the depression, and you are feeling depressive. It’s okay, but what you are gaining from the pain? I guess your answer is nothing, but don’t answer it like that make it as something like I am learning something from the pain that something you need to find out from the pain.Do you know? History has proven many times that most depressive people become successful. How did it happen? It happened because they learned from the pain. So don’t just sit idle. Once again understand the whole reasons for your depression don’t make that steps once again. Be positive and search for the hidden lessons in your depression.


To conclude it short and sweet, You are fighting with the mind which is in the wrong direction, all you need to do is follow these seven steps and turn it into the correct direction. All the best and believe yourself. You are going to be happy.