80 Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Quotes

comfort zone quotes

Here is the list of Get out of your comfort zone quotes Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Quotes 01 “The shell must break before the bird can fly.” – Alfred Tennyson 02 “It’s ok to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.” 03 “Growth equals change. If you … Read more

52 Self-Doubt Quotes

self doubt quotes

Here is the list of Self-doubt Quotes. Self-Doubt Quotes 01 “To change the way you feel, change the way you think.” 02 “The same light you see in others is shining with you, too.” 03 “Your self-doubt does not define who you are or what you are capable of.” 04 “The worst enemy to creativity … Read more

65 Keep It Simple Quotes To Punch On Complexity Nose

keep it simple quotes

There are days where we get lost in dealing with the complexities of life like relationships, career, financial problems. This juggling and balancing sometimes take a toll on us to the point where we wonder, ‘Hey, isn’t life become imperfect? ‘Aren’t we supposed to enjoy our lives rather than incessantly arrange it’? Life will throw … Read more

67 Not Good Enough Quotes That Will Connect To You

not good enough quotes

Here is the list of Not Good Enough Quotes Not Good Enough Quotes 01 “The worst feeling knowing that you’re not good enough for someone you try so hard to impress.” 02 “The worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn’t good enough.” 03 “I felt … Read more

60 Think Before You Speak Quotes

think before you speak quotes

It is rightly said that a tongue cuts deeper than the sword. The words once said leave a lasting impact. A person who compliments others and makes them happy with their jokes automatically becomes everyone’s favorite, but someone who always says bad words to others and always frowns and passes bad comments always will never … Read more

57 At The End Of The Day Quotes To Know What Matters

end of the day quotes

In a day, we carry many emotions: happy, sad, disgust, surprise, anger, fear, and anticipation. Each emotion will impact you by its own size, scale, and depth. And when everything is taken into consideration. We need to take a positive attitude on every note or accept the way it is.What is our state of mind, … Read more

65 Embrace Life Quotes

Embrace life quotes

When God sent all of us to earth, he assigned us roles and purposes, but sometimes our life strays away from it, and we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, lost! Life isn’t always golden. It can be black and white. We should embrace it nonetheless. Everything has its ups and downs, but those … Read more

60 Private Life Quotes To Shut Public Mouth

private life quotes

When social media came into our lives, the world became more public. Everything that is going around the world we can see on social media. Most people post so little things like eating chocolate on Instagram, Snapchat, etc.; Grabbing attention, it has become a big business worldwide right now. But, whenever a thing becomes massive, … Read more

65 Trust The Process Quotes To Stay With Zeal

trust the process quotes

You like to do something, and you start it with an optimistic mindset to get it done. While you are in this process, some difficulties will stop you from accomplishing it, and with these, your enthusiasm will go down. It will not be as it were before because you saw the reality of things getting … Read more

87 Life Goes On Quotes Will Pinch Your Excitement

life goes on quotes

Have you ever visited a beach when sad? Did you see the waves stop when you came and sat down on the shore? You didn’t, right? That’s life. It doesn’t wait for anyone, it goes on and on. Maybe you lost someone, or someone left your life or maybe things aren’t going exactly as you … Read more